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The Bracket

Based on the latest projection from 1/15.

With Villanova as the #1 overall seed, the bracket (again) starts in the East region.Western Kentucky is the last team in, but placed on the 12 line due to (projected) Conference Results.  Admittedly, I am likely to drop this concept in the future.The Arizona/ASU matchup made absolute nonsense out of the regional assignment for 5 seeds.

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Second Bracket Projection

Kansas State practically dribbled out the clock to let Kansas win.  Guess who's left out of the field?

Here's my projection:

Seed List: 1: Villanova, Virginia, Purdue, Oklahoma 2: Duke, Texas Tech, Wichita State, West Virginia 3: Michigan State, Kansas, Xavier, Gonzaga 4: Arizona, Cincinnati, Auburn, North Carolina 5: Kentucky, Arizona State, Seton Hall, Clemson 6: Tennessee, Ohio State, Michigan, TCU 7: Miami, Florida State, Creighton, Nevada 8: St. Mary’s, Florida, Louisville, Houston 9: Arkansas, Texas, Butler, Rhode Island 10: Marquette, Notre Dame, SMU, UCLA 11: USC, Middle Tennessee, Syracuse, Alabama, St. Bonaventure, Providence 12: Western Kentucky, New Mexico St., Missouri St., Murray St. 13: South Dakota St., Vermont, East Tennessee St., Buffalo 14: UL-Lafayette, Wright St., William & Mary, Stephen F. Austin 15: Montana, Bucknell, CS Fullerton, Florida Gulf Coast 16: Iona, Penn, Radford, Robert Morris, Jackson St., Bethune-Cookman

Automatic Bid differences from the first b…


Full Court Press is my favorite coaching style.  It happens to be a nice play-on-words for studying Bracketology.

A continuous work-in-progress, my concept to determine the bracket is based on the following:

The NCAA Principles and ProceduresAP Top 25Current non-power conference leadersKenPom ratingsThe RPIHow I believe the committee will achieve "reasonable balance" and keep the seed lines "as equal as possible."Bubble team selection (or lack thereof) last seasonUpdate (1/15):RPI is now a consideration, despite my absolute hatred toward the metric.

About Me

Name: FCP
Location: Ohio

Never athletic enough to play, but I might be intelligent and boisterous enough to coach basketball at the collegiate level.  Despite having no coaching experience, like most (coaches), I developed early signs of male-pattern baldness.

I follow the game as a Gambler, Coach, Fan, and Analyst. Key points:
Always bet the over.A win is NOT a win.  How you win has more significance.Local/Hometown pride is not required.  If you want to be a fan, find a program that you can identify with and show support.
I have attended the NCAA First Four nearly every year since 2004. Here's some highlights of my experiences:
Interviewed as a "student" from Mount St. Mary'sSat with MTSU President Sidney McPhee Inadvertently worked with the Providence Scout team Met Erin Andrews, Clark Kellogg, and Gregg Marshall

First Bracket Projection

Conference Play - LET'S GOOOOOOOO!

The Field of 68 is still a crapshoot, but Duke is a sure-thing on the OVER.  Here's my projection:

Seed List:
1: Villanova, Virginia, West Virginia, Michigan State 2: Duke, Purdue, Wichita State, Xavier 3: Oklahoma, Arizona State, Texas Tech, Seton Hall 4: Kansas, Cincinnati, Gonzaga, Clemson 5: TCU, Arizona, Kentucky, North Carolina 6: Miami, Auburn, Creighton, Notre Dame 7: Florida State, Tennessee, Ohio State, Nevada 8: Texas A&M, Michigan, Florida, St. Mary’s 9: Butler, Rhode Island, Missouri, Baylor 10: SMU, Texas, Georgia, Louisville 11: UCLA, Houston, Syracuse, Marquette, St. Bonaventure, Boise St. 12: New Mexico State, Old Dominion, Murray St., Missouri St. 13: Vermont, South Dakota St., East Tennessee St., Buffalo 14: Louisiana-Lafayette, Northern Kentucky, William and Mary, Lipscomb 15: Stephen F. Austin, Montana, Bucknell, UC Davis 16: Rider, Radford, Penn, Robert Morris, Jackson St., Morgan St.

With Villanova as the #1 overall seed, the…