Projection - Selection Sunday (FINAL)


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Seed List
  1. VirginiaVillanovaKansas, Xavier
  2. North Carolina, Duke, Cincinnati, Michigan St.
  3. Auburn, Tennessee, Purdue, Michigan
  4. West Virginia, Texas Tech, ArizonaGonzaga
  5. Kentucky, Wichita St., Clemson, Ohio St.
  6. Florida, Arkansas, Houston, TCU
  7. Miami, Texas A&M, Seton Hall, Missouri
  8. Providence, Nevada, Rhode Island, Virginia Tech
  9. Florida St. Creighton, UCLA, Kansas St.
  10. Butler, NC State, Texas, Alabama
  11. New Mexico St.Loyola-Chicago, St. Mary's, St. Bonaventure, Oklahoma, Arizona St.
  12. San Diego St.South Dakota St., DavidsonBuffalo
  13. Murray St.MarshallColl. CharlestonUNC-Greensboro
  14. BucknellMontanaWright St.Iona
  15. Georgia St.CS FullertonUMBC, Penn
  16. LipscombStephen F. AustinRadfordTexas SouthernLIU-BrooklynNC Central

  • Teams in bold are automatic qualifiers.
  • The Seed List has accounted for any/all potential shifts by the committee.  What you see is what you get.
    • I really hate this shit and am glad this nightmare is over.

    Projection #10-??? - 3/10 (Gameday)

    Given the workload today, I've published the bracket from Google Sheets.  Click here for the full version.  This will be updated every couple of hours.

    As of Saturday, 3/10 @ 12:00 p.m. EST:

    Seed List
    1. Virginia, Villanova, Kansas, Xavier
    2. North Carolina, Duke, Cincinnati, Auburn
    3. Michigan St., Tennessee, Purdue, Arizona
    4. Michigan, West Virginia, Texas Tech, Wichita St
    5. Gonzaga, Clemson, Kentucky, Ohio St.
    6. Florida, TCU, Arkansas, Miami
    7. Houston, Texas A&M, Nevada, Seton Hall
    8. Rhode Island, Missouri, Providence, Virginia Tech
    9. Florida St. Creighton, Kansas St., UCLA
    10. NC State, Butler, Texas, Alabama
    11. Oklahoma, Loyola-Chicago, St. Bonaventure, St. Mary's, Arizona St. Marquette
    12. New Mexico St., Western Ky., South Dakota St., Buffalo
    13. Murray St., San Diego St., Vermont, UL-Lafayette
    14. Coll. CharlestonUNC Greensboro, Bucknell, Montana
    15. Wright St., Iona, CS Fullerton, Penn
    16. Lipscomb, Radford, LIU-Brooklyn, Nicholls St., Hampton, Ark. Pine-Bluff

    • The Seed List is no longer "true."  Some teams have been moved up/down to match bracketing principles.
    • Teams in bold are automatic qualifiers.
    • The #1 seeds are locked.
    • I believe that head-to-head match-ups and common opponents will dictate the bubble:
      • Oklahoma beat USC
      • USC beat MTSU
      • St. Bonaventure beat Syracuse
    • The RPI will keep Notre Dame and Oklahoma St. OUT.

    Projection #9 - Week 18

    Seed List
    1. Virginia, Xavier, Villanova, Kansas
    2. Duke, Auburn, Cincinnati, Michigan St.
    3. North Carolina, Tennessee, Purdue, Clemson
    4. Arizona, Michigan, Texas Tech, Wichita St.
    5. Gonzaga, West Virginia, Ohio St., Kentucky
    6. TCU, Houston, Florida, Nevada
    7. Creighton, Arkansas, Florida St. Rhode Island
    8. Texas A&M, Miami, Oklahoma, Seton Hall
    9. Missouri, Butler, St. Mary's, NC State
    10. Arizona St., Virginia Tech, Providence, St. Bonaventure
    11. Syracuse, Alabama, Louisville, Marquette, USC, Texas
    12. Middle Tennessee, New Mexico St., Loyola-Chicago, Buffalo
    13. South Dakota St., Murray St., Vermont, UL-Lafayette
    14. Wright St., UNC Greensboro, Montana, Bucknell
    15. Coll. Charleston, Penn, Iona, Lipscomb
    16. UC Irvine, Radford, Wagner, Nicholls St., Ark. Pine-Bluff, Bethune-Cookman

    • Teams in bold are automatic qualifiers.
    • First Four teams are not listed by "True Seed."  Regional assignment is reflective in the bracket.
    • If there's a line to draw and separate the field, it's clearly between seeds 5 and 6.
    • I believe the committee will favor a conference champion over head-to-head on some seed lines.  This currently projects to the 1 line with Xavier/Villanova.
    • Head-to-head will probably be considered close to the bubble (10/11).