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RE: Bracket Preview Show

My prediction for the Bracket Preview was... in significant disagreement with the Selection Committee.

In terms of the Bracket Matrix, I scored 26 points out of a possible 48.

If you are looking for a reaction or Post-Game Interview, I have no comment at this time.  SBNation, however, has some feedback.

Stock Watch: 

While team performance and "value" will be heavily monitored (and debated) over the coming weeks, I have another agenda: Q1

Short for Quadrant 1, Q1 encompasses a teams wins on 3 factors:
  1. Home - RPI 1-30
  2. Neutral - RPI 1-50
  3. Away - RPI 1-75

On 2/4, Virginia had an overall record of 7-1 against teams in Q1.  This can (and does) change throughout the season.  My concern is that how much the fluctuation is considered, if at all.

For example, if Louisville or Virginia Tech were to drop in the RPI (31 and 76 respectively), Virginia would have a Q1 record of 5-1 instead.  This raises several questions:
  • Did the committee notice the change(s)?
  • Are those teams actually regressing?
  • Should those wins carry the same weight despite the movement between quadrants?
I believe this metric and trend will favor a team on the bubble.  A week ago, SMU had 2 wins against teams perceived to be on the bubble (Boise St., USC).  Theoretically, these teams can improve and move into Q1.  Based on one perspective, this can "backdoor" SMU into the field.

The takeaway is how the committee determines the value of Quadrant 1 - by arbitrary numbers set in place or the box scores.